Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stumbled upon: How To Create Better Solutions

The Internet is a great place, you follow a link to a book someone highly recommends, but it is in the reviews that you find some truly great insight on how to create better solutions. I'm hanging on to this one:

The way to better solutions is:
(1) learn the value of measurements (nothing improves that is not measured)
(2) measure everything you can about important processes in your key activities (each measurement will teach you something you need to know)
(3) identify the best practices anyone has ever done in these areas (especially by looking outside your industry), and anticipate where these best practices will be in 5 years
(4) assemble best practices together in new ways that no one has ever done before to exceed the future best practice
(5) identify the ideal best practice (the best people will ever be able to do -- for communications this will be having everyone get the message in one second, like shouting "fire" in a crowded theater where smoke and flames are evident)
(6) find ways to approach the ideal best practice by applying the analogy of where humans do it almost perfectly now to your situation
(7) assemble the right people, resources and incentives to get the job done and
(8) repeat the process (you will get better at it and find better ideas, each you time you do this again).