Friday, October 2, 2009

Great Expectations

At the moment I’m in the midst of a project where things seem to be going awry with every turn. Approaching a point where both sides are feeling resented about the whole situation and formalities are being thrown at each other. All coming down to: “In our opinion, this isn’t what we agreed upon and you have it wrong.”

Where two parties are feeling this way, both are sharing part of the blame - obviously. It is when one party doesn’t want to reconcile, that it turns nasty. When the want of a solution is being exchanged for the want of an argument, the problem isn’t the absence of a solution anymore, but the bigger problem of having the argument.

How did this happen, I’m asking myself. Different expectations are what it all comes down to. Now it is becoming apparent that on the other side there is no realistic idea about the work involved with the project. Their assumptions are way off, trivializing our efforts and exasperation at the idea that more time is needed.

We were on a tight deadline to begin with, but we could make it if everything went exactly as planned. Of course, they didn’t and now more work is involved. Unfortunately the impression is still that we’ll get it done in the same time regardless. Like… no. So it’s up to me to go out there again and try to coax and reason for more time. Wish me luck!

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