Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Looking out is the only way to truly look in.

Are you busy? Are you passionate about the things you do? Are you caught up thinking about what you could improve, how you can tweak your performance, your product, your processes? As a professional you should. But mostly we are only doing so by looking in, by absorbing ourselves completely. Of course there is a lot to find and do in the crevices of your mind, but try to look out for a change.

Try to step away from yourself every now and then. Imagine yourself hovering just above your body and observe. Don't judge, just observe. Don't ask Why yet, but How, What and When. How are you impacting the things around you? How are you reacting to impulses? How do you talk when you are relaxed? How do you use your hands when you talk? How do you walk? What happens when you are asked to do something for someone else? What changes when you become stressed? What makes you angry? What makes you laugh? When are you happy? When are you anxious? When do you become tired? You'll be amazed by the patterns and behaviours you can find by observing yourself this way.

Patterns and behaviours which are the data you need, to ask yourself Why questions: Why do I become stressed? Why do I feel like I can't contribute to a conversation? Why do I feel happy when doing certain things? Why am I good at certain tasks, but not so good at others? Why am I always feeling tired? Your body and behaviours never lie to you, listen to their answers. But never forget: don't judge! Accept.

And be accepting of others.

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