Wednesday, January 28, 2009

From Reaction to Action

Halfway week 4 - the end of my first month is dawning.

After an exhausting first week of getting to know everybody, settling in and coming to terms with the whole getting-up-early-routine, this job is suiting me like a glove. Mostly because I’m feeling and acting very different from how I did in my first job. The last couple of days I have been pondering the question: “But in which way am I different than?” Early this morning it hit me: it’s all about action versus reaction. I am not reacting any more, I am acting.

Before, I had many reservations towards taking action. I’m a very social kind of guy. I empathize with people a lot. Sounds nice, but as a result I have a tendency to become a reactive person. Someone who’s constantly busy with thoughts like: “Oh dear, what would someone think if I do this or that?”, “Will somebody feel bad if I decide something?”, “Should I wait for them to do something, I don’t want to be pushy”, “If I don’t hear something, it’s probably all right”. All very considerate of course, but you know what they say: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

From day 1 (ok.. maybe day 3) at TinQwise I have almost stopped doing this. I’ve become active. And my initial fear: “When I stop being reactive, won’t I lose my empathy and considerateness?” has proven to be completely false! My new attitude is tremendously helping the things I’m doing. Instead of thinking: “What would they think about this or that” I just ask immediately. Instead of “Should I wait for them to do something” I start and inform everybody to jump on board – and they do! Willingly! No more “If I don’t hear something, it’s probably all right.” I’m on the phone with everybody as soon as something is changing.

And lo and behold, we are making tremendous progress, everybody knows where we are, everybody is happy and more over: everybody is working their butts off. All because I initiate and take action. What a liberation!

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