Sunday, June 1, 2008

Giving Technology a Face

Last week I came back to the office after visiting a client, when one of our account managers came up to me and said:

"Jago I need your help, I need to give a presentation on Monday for a prospect about the benefits of eLearning for his company."
"Well, you do have a presentation, don't you?"
"Yes, yes I do, but it just sucks!"
*laughs* "Well at least you are honest!"

And that was the start of a real good and fast brainstorm which resulted in a cool new approach for him to use in his presentation. We need to show what the benefits are for the company to use eLearning, so we thought up 6 characters, all from different parts within the company, who could all benefit in different ways. The Subject Matter Expert can use our tools to easily make online courses, the IT specialist has an LMS which is easy to implement and manage, the Manager can view the results and progress with just a few clicks, etc.

To bring it to live, I grabbed some people shots from iStockphoto and dumped it in a clean and lean Powerpoint. Now every role has a Face people can relate to, instead of sterile facts about our systems. I'm sure it'll go great tomorrow!