Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I am nearing a new landmark: 15 May I will be working for 6 months in my first real job. And it's great, it has brought me so much: knowledge, experience, inspiring contacts, success, even some friends and a house!

But now, now it's giving me stress. HUGE amounts of it to be honest. It started building up somewhere at the start of this year. As some of you know, at that time we landed a pretty big contract with our elearning team. We had poured our hearts and souls in this concept. We had long brainstorming sessions, discarded loads of ideas and in the end created a cool, workable, flexible and engaging concept. Needless to say: it swept the competition off the table and we went home victorious - but that is where the bragging ends.

The battle with the enemy was won, but now a new battleground has emerged: within me. We have to deliver. The concept needs to be become reality. It needs to work. The great ideas, the interactions, the games - it all needs to be build. By me and the rest of the team. But I have never done that, never of this magnitude at least. And so have most of the people within the team. We have a drive, we have spirit, we have ideas and talent, but little experience. On top of that the lines aren't really clear, I'm switching between being copy writer, graphic designer, art director, project manager and I'm starting to mix them up.

But you know what? We have a team and we are in it together and that is good to know! We'll make it. Thumbs up for everybody!

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