Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Instructing the Instructor

Just some meeting about a course:
"We need a solid Instructional Design."
*me nodding in agreement*
"So which one should we use as a basis?"
*people looking anxiously in my direction*
"ehhh.. that is a really good question!"

Am I a n00b for not being a classically educated instructional designer in a job as course developer? I don't think so, but still, at times, I feel at a loss. I have a clear idea on the power of stories, on using cases/scenarios to enrich the experience, to try and work from generic to specific (recently found out that Four Component Instructional Design suits this approach), to streamline information into manageable chunks and frameworks, the power of graphics over text, that being concise is what makes everybody happier in the long run (a.k.a. coaxing SME's into killing their darlings) and a whole heap of other stuff I am coming to understand.

But can someone show me the way into 'proper' instructional design? Some books or theories which work for you, which enable you to make better courses/material?

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