Friday, August 24, 2007

Going Down

Yes, we are still alive and kicking.

Astrid too, don't worry.

Behind us are 6 days of insane, wonderful, colourful and beautiful traveling. 2 days in Darwin was all the rest given to As to recover from her long flight, before we headed out of the city to Kakadu National Park. We went on an Unleashed tour and it lived up to its name. It was an amazing experience, we've seen so much beautiful places, slept under the stars in a swag (a big canvas bag which you just dump on the ground. Put your sleeping bag in it and you are ready for the night - awesome!) made some cool hikes, swam in gorgeous lakes and gorges. Mix that with a fun group of people and a cool tour guide and you have the recipe for a great success.

After the tour we went back to one final night in Darwin before heading down to Alice Springs. Most of the group rocked up and we went completely crazy, so the next morning As and me where still in the party mood when we had to get up at 5:30am after 3 hours sleep.
Unfortunately those moods don't last long, so the first day of our road trip down to Alice was not really a success.. Both groggy and tired, a big new group of people and to really loud English girls behind us. But over the remaining two days we and the group started warming up to each other. The tour guide Dee was completely crazy and addressed everybody with either: 'gorgeous', 'precious', 'beautiful' and 'groovers', very funny.
Along the way down to Alice we saw some pretty cool stuff, but like my trip from Cairns to Darwin, it was mostly driving from place to place.

Today and tomorrow are two free days to recover from all the early mornings and constant driving. We've deserved! Sunday we start on the second half of the big trip down to Adelaide. 3 days Uluru and the other spectacular rock formations here and after that 3 days to get down to Adelaide. But tonight first another night of good sleep, jeez I'm tired haha!

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Marcella said...

Jago komt bijna thuis olee olee :D

Zie er echt onwijs naar uit je weer te zien lieverd :D ...

En aangezien er bij deze post nog geen reacties stonden, dacht ik dat ik dat maar even moest doen, zo vlak voordat we je weer face to face kunnen spreken :D ....

Dus... tot snel lieverd!!