Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Taking the plunge

My first day of diving is at an end!

It has been exhausting and so much information has been fired at me, but I am feeling confident and happy. The day starting with a classroom session (OMG, how long ago that felt, sitting behind a little desk and listening!) where all this info was dumped on us. The afternoon we spent splashing around in the pool, swimming tests, a medical check ('completely fit' was the verdict) and of course toying around and getting used to the scuba gear. Man, that stuff is HEAVY! A weight belt, a tank, a BCD vest (I can't recall what it stands for, my mind is too clogged with info) and a bunch of tubes, meters and breathing regulators.

In the water we had to do all sorts of skill exercises with our gear on and me and my buddy Ben passed with flying colours. Tomorrow we will have another day of training in the pool and then on Thursday we set out for the Great Barrier Reef :D Three days of diving in the actual ocean amidst the wonders of the deep. We were promised sharks, turtles, many fish of course and if we were lucky barracudas, sea serpents, maybe even: whales! That would be so freaking awesome if that was the case!!

But first things first! I am going to leave through my theory b0ok and prepare for another day of information overload and water treading.

Bear with me :)!


Anonymous said...

Zeg ehhhh.....hoor ik je nu klagen???

Anonymous said...

ja, dat berichtje was dus van astrid hahahahaha!

Kworb said...

"Bare with me?" You want me to undress?