Sunday, July 15, 2007


Ok, I only have 5 minutes of inet time left so:

Fraser = FANTASTIC! We had so much fun, we saw sssoo much beautiful stuff, white sands and crystal blue water, enormous dunes, rainforest, miles and miles of beach where we slept on (COLD!!) and we saw heaps of dingoes :D

The group was a mixed bag, but we met 2 English girls and 2 French girls and they were great fun, so we basically did everything with them and the rest of the group just followed us. The nights were really cold, but the mornings were beautiful with the sun rising from the sea and a completely clean beach and huge waves crashing.

At the moment we are in Airlie Beach and tomorrow we will embark on our sailing trip in the Whitsundays. Snorkelling with the fishies and visiting white, coconut palm beaches is what the flyers and adverts promise, so it will be good!

Still no time to upload photos, so hang on!


Anonymous said...

whaaaaa!! Snorkelen is echt ZO leuk :)) En wat avontuurlijk, klinkt echt heerlijk allemaal! Ik kan niet wachten tot ik er ben, zeker nu iedereen hier ook op vakantie of terug naar huis gaat; het wordt een beetje stil hier, dus tijd om Down Under te gaan!

Caroline said...

Het lijkt me allemaal maar niks...
Jullie liever dan ik!!!