Saturday, July 28, 2007



Ok guys, here sits a certified Adventure Diver!


Me and my diving buddy Ben

And I have done it all! A deep dive (3om) a night dive and a photo dive (the pictures are terrible haha, have a look at Flickr). The whole trip was awesome. On Thursday we were picked up at 6:30am to go to the boat. With 36 divers we set off for the Reef. After 3 hours we arrived at our first dive-site and we all jumped right in.

It was amazing! Fish everywhere! Huge blocks and outcrops of coral, unreal. And being able to navigate leisurely between all that: wow! It was really a kick. After the first dive a fantastic brekkie was waiting for us and after breakfast and a briefing we went for our second dive. This one went muucchh smoother than the first one. You start to notice how to control your buoyancy (= being able to go up and down with your breath and as little movement as possible, your lungs act as suspensions when you breathe in and as weights when you breathe out - nifty!) how you can swim efficiently and you have some time to better appreciate all the different fish, clams, coral, invertebrates and all the other wonders of the deep.

A giant clam

A school of fusiliers

The second day started at 7:45am this time, luxury! We did 2 dives in the morning on which we saw turtles, sting rays, clownfish (NEMO! :) and barracudas, but the best was yet to come. After the second dive some of the divers had spotted a marvelous surprise: a whale had come to take a look at the boat and its inhabitants! And believe it or not, but I have swum with the whale :D:D!! It was unreal, out of this world! It was sssooo big and so majestic and beautiful! An unbelievable experience to swim just a few meters away from it and stare it in the eye (some people had underwater cameras, so I will try and get some photos off of them).

Swimming with a whale, that is probably a once in a lifetime experience and it has been the most exhilarating thing of the whole trip I can tell you that! The night and the deep dive were also very cool, diving at night is extremely disorientating and strange, we saw different fish and it just feels weird and even more otherworldly. With all these dives done, we had a couple of 'fun' dives to explore the reef on our own and after that we were given our diving certificates! Yeah baby!

The boat and all the gear

I enjoyed this trip so much, diving is fantastic, I am sure I will be doing it for the rest of my life, the underwater world has so much to see and enjoy. My instructor told me that there is some diving in Darwin as well, supposedly there is a wreck near the harbour somewhere which is very cool!


Anonymous said...

WOW!! What can I say? Echt fantastisch!! Ik wil ook.... xxas

Caroline said...

ik vind het allemaal nog steeds maar niks...