Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Packing up for Fraser

Tomorrow 6:45am Job and me will embark on our Fraser Island adventure. At the moment we have stayed for 3 days in Hervey Bay with absolutely nothing to do, which is rather boring, but since I am having quite a bit of a cold it is good to just relax and build up some strength for the coming 3 days of crazy 4WDing on the Island!

Before we arrived here in Hervey Bay, we stayed for 3 days in Byron Bay which was really nice. The bay was GORGEOUS with beautiful rainforests and mountains in the distance and the view from the lighthouse was spectacular. We met some nice people and had a bit of a party here and there, but mostly chilled out. We would have liked to take some surfing lessons, but unfortunately there were virtually no waves at all.

We were supposed to stay a night in Surfers Paradise, but once we got there with the bus and saw all the high rising skyscrapers and cloudy atmosphere, we decided to just catch another bus and head straight for Hervey Bay to have a couple of days before Fraser Island. Everybody we have spoken to says that it is awesome and we have just met the group and they all seem pretty alright and friendly, so that is a good sign. Job will be a driver on the island and although he can be quite the silent type I have the feeling that he is looking forward to that.

After our trip I hope to find a computer where I can upload the pictures and stuff and give you a good account of what we are seeing and doing here.

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