Thursday, July 5, 2007

Heading off

We are booked.

Tonight, 6pm we are heading for Byron Bay, and it is not a moment too soon. It has been my third time to Sydney now and I can tell you: I have seen most that there is to see a couple of times now. For Job everything has been new and cool of course, but I am getting the feeling that the vastness, skyscrapers and seedy King's Cross are not really his cup of tea. And while the weather has been good the last couple of days, the prospect of over 20 degrees in Byron Bay and the beach supposedly right around the corner from our hostel, means that I can't wait to get there!

Yesterday and today nothing real noteworthy happened, but Tuesday night was kind of interesting. Tuesday night Job and I tagged along with the people from the hostel for a 'night out'. It was the most depressing 'night out' imaginable. The people were either boring or complete bogans, every place we went was dead empty and the music sucked big time. So I decided to move down to Oxford St. and see if the gay scene had something better in store for us. And it did, in a way. It was just as empty and the people just as nasty, but suddenly Job caught sight of: Floortje Dessing :D How cool was that! Of course we started a little chat, the gay guy who was with her immediately snagged me and told me they just came off the plane and were in Sydney for Live Earth. I hadn't even realised it was on. They were all there to make a report about it for Link (which I didn't even know excited either) Unfortunately the Dutch radio called for an interview and they had to take their leave (robbing us of the opportunity to take a picture!! Darn!)

So for now Job and I have to wait a couple of hours and then we leave Sydney behind for all the good stuff: Fraser Island, Whitsunday's - here we come :D


Kworb said...

So cool! Hope you guys have fun :P

Oh btw, the girl in the office next to me is an Utada fan!! She's Japanese so it shouldn't be that much of a surprise.. but still! Finally some common ground with someone.

Just had to share that!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha! Wat goed zeg dat jullie Floortje tegenkwamen ;) Backpack ze iig :))

Jimmy said...

Yeah! Your fav trio, Sneaky Sound System performed at Live Earth!