Tuesday, July 17, 2007

From South Molle Island

Ok, it is all true:

Lush green islands, blue blue water, white white sand and after I went snorkelling today: MASSIVE turtles, flocks of fish and even whales! At the moment we are at the resort on South Molle Island. We are not sleeping on the boat, we have been dropped here to spend the night on the island in dorms, which is fair enough, a nice hot shower after a day in the sun and salt was just what I needed, so I am not complaining about the fact that we are basically dumped on a boring island resort instead of staying on the boat.

And today we had such a good day! We set sail at 7:30am, and although early we were immediately rewarded with whales! Just alongside our boat a big whale and its calf were swimming with us!! Its size was so impressive, it is quite hard to imagine that the sea is full of immense creatures which you will probably never ever see or notice. The mother whale was so big, but when it went under again, it completely vanished, strange to experience.

The main destination today was Whitehaven Beach. It was quite pretty and very white. Supposedly it is one of the most photographed sights in the world, but even though it was a nice beach, it was still just a beach. The good thing was though, that there was a little bit of coral just off shore and that is where we saw our first fish and turtles, it was so cool! On the bottom in between the boats there was this HUGE turtle going about his business, it was so otherworldly, seeing this giant beast and touching his scale (it is really smooth): wow! Now I am adamant that I want to go diving in Cairns, it is so much fun!

Now dinner is waiting for us and then tomorrow the boat will bring us to a spot where the snorkeling should be really good, so I am looking forward to that!

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Kworb said...

Sounds so cool and exciting.. I'm jealous!! :P Enjoy the rest of your adventure!