Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lil'Bro is here!

He's here!

Job, my little brother (21... so not REALLY little) has arrived here in Adelaide. Unfortunately we were a little too late to catch him right out of the gate (6:30am, enough said) but we skidded around the corner just as he walked out. And I have to admit: he hasn't changed one bit! Completely the same as I had left him :).

He was of course a bit knackered and had bloodshot and saggy eyes, but his spirits were soaring and smiles all over. In an effort to keep him awake, I dragged him all across town and into the Adelaide Hills to see the vista from Mt Lofty and pet the roos and koalas in, you guessed it, Cleland! But he couldn't keep his eyes open for one more minute, so he is sleeping now. Unfortunately for him, I will have to rudely awake him around 6:30pm, because we are going out for dinner and he needs to get into the day rhythm here anyway. But I'm sure that after a good and happy meal with Liam, Tara and Aki, his bed will feel even more welcoming and a well deserved rest awaits him :)

Tomorrow a new day, with some beach viewing (in the cold..) some shopping and a meet-up with the Dutch neighbours (and of course a big night out!)

Photos will be coming up, but since my own laptop is no more, I have to juggle with electronics and wires and shit, so hang on a bit.

No word from my supervisor still, so that is still a very gray and uncertain topic, but I hope my supervisor will be in contact today, we shall see.

Still, the good times are here!


Anonymous said...

Leeft 'ie alweer een beetje? Geniet van jullie tijd en maak je niet al te druk over die feedback, komt heus wel goed!
Dikke kus,

Jim said...

Sydney is less than 24 hours away!!! Have a safe and FANTASTIC trip =))