Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What next?

The last 2 weeks I have done next to nothing on my thesis. Terrible, don't you think? I spend large amounts of my time just staring at a big word document in which I change the odd word here and there, but mostly scroll up and down and read things over. A big pile of articles and books is lying besides my laptop and I leave through them, marking a few passages, but that's it.

And you know why? Because secretly I don't want to be finished yet. It's scary! Freedom awaits: no more books, no more articles, no more lectures, I can go and do what I want, where I want. But what do I want and where do I want it? A job? A PhD? More traveling? Experience living and working in another country again? What about a place to live? Living with Ak & Jan is of course no drama, but not ideal either. It is all just a bit uncertain and it all starts when that thesis is signed, sealed, delivered and I'm graduated. I guess it is this feeling that makes so many near-graduates postpone their thesis over and over again.

But then again.. after I finish there will also be a few months of fantastic traveling with Job and Astrid lying ahead of me and that will be the drive for these last grueling weeks of writing. Leaving those worries for when I am back in NL.


Laura said...

Schatje! Zo herkenbaar! Ik ken het ook, al heb ik dan nog werkelijk wat te doen voordat die scriptie in zicht komt. Maar toch... Laat het allemaal maar lekker over je heen komen, het wordt vanzelf duidelijk wat je wilt! En anders kan je altijd nog met mij samenwonen! In een leuk huisje! :D

Marcella said...

Uitstellen uitstellen.. waar hoor ik het meer ;) ....

Maar to be honest... je kunt het maar beter afhebben :D .. anders blijf je er maar tegenaan hikken.. en af is af... Gewoon doen... stort je nogmaals in het onbekende en ontdek, leef, doe alles :D

Heerlijk vooruitzicht... traveling around... ff knallen en gaan met die banaan ;)

Wat later komt is van later zorg..!

Dikke kus en spreek je snel!


Caroline said...

Nee hoor Jaag, niet naar haar luisteren: NIET AFMAKEN!!! Blijf de eeuwige student...