Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Ah the wonderful world of passive-aggressiveness. How often don't we all feel like we want to scream, shout, tear the walls down, smash someone's head in, drive over them, slice their throats or throw them off a cliff just because they AGAIN didn't do the dishes, AGAIN didn't close the door behind their back, AGAIN left the lights on, AGAIN stole a piece of cheese from the fridge, AGAIN 'borrowed' your shoes, AGAIN didn't clean the toilet when they dumped their shit in it or AGAIN made noise till 3 in the morning? Come on! Admit it!

And when it comes to passive-aggressiveness everybody will also be familiar with: The Note. Because we are all so 'civilized' we don't give in to our Freudian primary anger feelings, no, we channel them into something else, a note. Poured in the smallest amount of words and as sarcastically polite as possible we vocalize our inner anger as written testament that we do not tolerate it anymore, that we have reached our limit and that whatever is bothering us must stop now!

This blog is all about notes like that. Some of them are just fantastic, you can feel the anger dripping from every word. Everyday they post a couple of new ones and they are perfect to alleviate your mood! What is more comforting than knowing that there are numerous people who are so much worse off than me. It makes that pile of dishes and the dirty floor in the kitchen much, much more bearable!


Knight said...

Cool haha! And so true in fact .. I must admit, the note can be useful at times! But not always =)

Ayan said...

I once flipped over a glass-holder (? bierviltje) in a bar and somebody had actualy written on the other side "If you are reading this, you must be as bored as I was when I wrote this" ..... brought a smile on my face!