Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I feel scared now that it is actually about to happen. Weeks of anticipation and careful planning all let to this moment. How can he be so at ease? He looks so.. ready, a little frown on his brow, deep in thought. I can't keep silent, I have to talk.
"Have you ever done it?"
He looks up, surprise written on his face.
"Of course!"
"So, what is it like!"
He chuckles.
"Well you are about to find out yourself soon enough."
"Oh come on! I just want to know what it feels like - I'm curious" and after a short hesitation "and a bit scared"
A grin grows on his face.
"Yeah I can see that."
"Forget it, never mind"
He stretches out his hand and softly squeezes my shoulder. "He, it is supposed to be fun, I'm sorry, I was just trying to be funny. I'll tell you what it feels like if that eases your mind" I look skeptically at him "Don't give me that look!" I keep looking. "So?"
"Alright, alright! What does it feel like. I think that I would describe my first time as exhilarating. It gave me the feeling that every fiber and muscle in my body was singing with tension, excitement and anxiety. Your senses broaden, time slows down, everything becomes clearer, light brighter and somehow you can see every detail around you. Your heart pumps like crazy, the blood rushes through your body and you feel free. Free from space and time, one with the universe"
He laughs loudly "Yes, exactly that - and now it is your turn!"
I feel the rush coming, he was right. Anxiety and excitement, the fear and hunger for what is coming next. My heart beats, I can feel my breathing becoming louder and heavier - this is it!
"Are you ready?" he asks with that radiant smile
Oh hell yes!
"I am"
"There we go then!"
He slides open the door and we fall into the sky


Kworb said...

You know the ending would've been more of a surprise if you hadn't called it "The Jump". :P

Jago said...

yeah I thought that too, shall I just leave it?