Saturday, May 12, 2007

Beperkt Houdbaar

[Link from Laura]

After this link you will find the Dutch documentary: Beperkt Houdbaar. I don't know if it has been shown on Dutch television as well, but it was truly fascinating.

The docu is a testament against the beauty and cosmetics industry. It doesn't tell anything new: we all know that beauty products don't really work, that being slim is the ideal and that every photo we see around us has been photoshopped. Although we all know this, the documentary shows that even with this knowledge our perception is gradually shifting to a place where being normal is not an option.

By constantly taking her own body as the reference point, the documentary maker shows us how far this is going. For example: she has a perfectly normal and defined figured with a pretty face, but when she visited a (American) plastic surgeon. I was staggered to see that when she asked him what could be improved on her, the plastic surgeon immediately turned the could to a should: "You are definitely a candidate to undergo this and this operation." He talked to her as if she was a lost case and needed serious help (from him of course). Most of all she was definitely a candidate for vaginal rejuvenation and a inner vagina lip re-sculpting (or whatever he called it) In short he listed 3 different operations which needed to be done on her vagina - so she could finally have that Ideal Playboy Vagina which every girl wants - and it would only cost around 8000 dollar per operation.

You need to watch the final 10-15 minutes (all in English with Dutch subtitles, so everybody can watch) to see what people like that plastic surgeon and the unrealistic images around us are forcing upon us (especially women) and how normal is becoming abnormal.


Anonymous said...

I tried your link, but it's all in dutch without the you know where I can find the version with english subs?

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