Monday, March 12, 2007

Winning big @ The Adelaide Cup 2007


I won money!! :D

Australia, you just gotta love it!

Today it was Adelaide Cup day. What kind of cup is that? Well.. there isn't really a cup.. the Adelaide Cup is all about: horse races! Aussies are weird people, a public holiday for horse racing. Every major state has its own Cup (with the Melbourne Cup being the biggest event, celebrated all over the country, but only as an official holiday in Victoria) and this Monday it was Adelaide's turn! I have never been to horse races, nor placed a bet on anything in my life, so me and Aki decided to go.

It was at the racing grounds in Morphettville. I knew from the Melbourne Cup that everybody dresses up pretty and chique, so Aki and me went in our slickest outfits of course, my cowboy boots being an instant hit. I can't count the times (drunk) people stopped me to say they liked the boots so much. It was a very 'straight' happening, with all the guys in very safe (and boring) suits and jackets, so yeah it takes a bit of courage to pull cowboy boots off ;)

In this very buzzing and happy atmosphere Aki and I placed our bets. Of course we both knew nothing of horse racing, so we sneaked up on old guys who had heaps of papers and books with them, obviously the retired men who devote all their time to that one passion: horse racing. We got a paper from one of the men and he explained how all the odds and stuff worked. With this new knowledge Aki and I made some 'educated' guesses and even went to predict a couple of quinellas (where you predict both the number 1 and 2). With our tickets in hand we went to the track and shouted with the crowd at our horses and after a nose to nose finish we realized in an instant: WE HAD WON! Not only did we predict the correct number one, we won the QUINELLA!! :D

So both Aki and me could reap our harvest of a 110 bucks!! (of course wishing that we had bet more money on our quinella, like 5 bucks instead of our 2, because we got a whopping 43 dollars for every dollar we bet on that combination!)

As a tribute, see here our prize winning horse, Gallic:

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Astrid said...

Is je nooit geleerd om niet te wedden? :P Maar idd jammer dat je niet meer had ingezet haha!