Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Yesterday I have given my first lecture! In English and about machinima. It was Monday morning at 9am. Although I had built in a buffer of 20 minutes, the Adelaidian bussystem still managed to make me late. At 9:05 I came rushing into the lecture theater with a lot of anxious looking faces turned at me. So much for an easy start. But once I got the powerpoint on, I was in business. And it went great! It felt really cool to stand there and just talk about the stuff that I'm doing at the moment with machinima and they even found my quirky jokes funny (don't forget: 9am...)

Afterwards Katie said she thought it went really smooth and natural, a born lecturer. Well thanks Katie.

And now I am going to do it again tomorrow, at 10am this time and with a slightly different focus, away from gaming and more towards film making. Should be alright, I'm feeling confident! Although I will need to be really concise for I only have 30 minutes instead of 50 - I say: high speed, low drag.

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Astrid said...

Ik ben trots op je :) (en had je graag willen zien!)