Thursday, March 29, 2007

Just write

I've told some of you already that of late my work has been stagnating a bit. The feeling of: "Why am I doing this", "I just want to get it over with!" and the absence of a hard deadline and obligation to go into uni every day, have all contributed to this. But! Just a few days before my mom and dad will be here in Adelaide (joy!) I am beginning to see the light again.

I was reading some articles about how beginning academics tackle their biggest problem: keep writing on their research. Not that I am an academic (yet?) but the problem is of course the same. The solution however is as obvious as it is simple: just write. I know, it sounds stupid and too straightforward, but looking at my own way of working, it makes sense. I think too much, or better to say: worry too much. I can hear my mom in my head saying: "Maak nou eens geen waterhoofd!" (Stop turning your head into a water balloon!). The fear of writing has become the driving force behind my procrastination and that is why yesterday I punctured the water balloon and just wrote - 4 pages on end and a rewrite of my previous argument.

I have to admit, there are no academic references yet, but I can fill those in later. The important thing is that finally my argument is becoming solid and clear for my machinima research:

Map out and identify the different practices inside machinima and how these practices relate to machinima's position in-between both game-culture and traditional film making.

Sounds pretty workable to me!

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Astrid said...

Je bent idd niet de enige; en niet alleen wat betreft schrijven maar ook andere dingen binnen een onderzoek weet ik nu! Maar het zit er voor mij min of meer op :) Morgen naar Vieques voor de laatste anderhalve week, joepie! Geef je ouders een heel grote kus van mij en ik bel je nog een keer voordat ik hier wegben!