Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Fringe is in town

Last night I went into town to go and see what was going around the Fringe Festival. Every year during the whole month of March, Adelaide is host of the Fringe Festival. With over 400 acts there is something going on basically every moment of the day. An enormous bunch of streetperformers, upcoming artists, theater-groups, comedians and heaps of others are filling the theaters and other places which resemble a stage (streets, parks, squares, you name it) to perform.

The main hub of activity is in the so-called Garden of Unearthly Delights, in Rundle Park and it was there that I went last night. The Garden is open all day, but it really comes to live after dark. With lights, people, music and circus tents scattered about, it had the feel of a fair. I strolled around the place and found some small tents here and there with magicians and other performers. For a couple of bucks you could go in and watch the show. When the performers were rallying spectators I could here a couple of them talking with a very distinct Dutch accent, so I went up to them and asked. And yes! They were from The Netherlands! Really funny, they had been travelling all around the world in pursuit of festivals like this. It is a small world after all :)

After watching the Dutch magicians doing a cool coin trick and a Dutch girl and her dad doing some quite freaky telekinetic stuff (I still can't figure out how they did it, or even scarier: how it could have been real!) I found Michael strolling around the place and I tagged along with him and Bruno for some drinks and dancing.

All in all a good night and I will definitely go back a couple of times during the remainder of the month!

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