Thursday, February 1, 2007


Ok, I have to admit, I havent been tagged myself, but it is still heaps funny! :D

I'm subscribed to a lot of weblogs and recently there is a webtagging frenzy (oftewel weblog-tikkertje!) going on in the blogging community. Bloggers are tagged by other bloggers after which they need to write down 5 things which probably very few people know about them and afterwards tag 3 other bloggers to do the same!

So guys, here are my 5 things and read below who I chose to tag (and I havent told them yet, so that will be heaps funny!)

1. My childhood dream was to become an eye-surgeon - however, after I saw an actual eye surgery on television, I was cured of this desire.

2. I have the strong belief that it is much better NOT to put your toothbrush under the tap prior to brushing your teeth and let the saliva take care of it all.

3. I judge people according to the shoes they are wearing, especially men.
A brief introduction to how this works:
Nike Air Max: trouble!
Cheap sneakers: boring!
Ugly fake leather shoes: please don't let ur mom decide anymore
Shoes with really big and fat rubber soles: always walks on the safe side
Converse: interesting
Cowboy boots: confidence and charisma
Stylish leather shoes: potential
Thongs: AUSSIE!

Of course this is a gliding scale and there are other factors who determine a positive or negative result.

4. In my imagination and daydreams I like to think that I am a very lethal and stealthy assassin who takes revenge on all the people who did me wrong (very Freudian.. it is probably the way for my subconsciousness to deal with stress)

5. At some points in time I have faked orgasms (yes! You cán do that as a guy and sorry! I just didn't know anything else!!)

Well these were my revelations and I can't wait to read what Astrid, Laura and GJ will write!

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Laura said...

Jaaaag! Why? (it reminds me of the terrible song that Fer used to put on: Why, tell me why... Tell me why...)