Thursday, February 8, 2007

Privacy: from exposed to exhibited

Today I read a fantastic article in New York magazine:

Kids, the Internet, and the End of Privacy

Where just before the millennium everybody was dreading the loss of privacy, the potential danger of saved data about us and the irreversible traces, pictures and thoughts we leave everywhere on the web - the current generation is embracing all of this in a celebrity kind of fashion. A new generation gap is dawning.

I have a blog, I have a Flickr account, I have a MySpace, I have a Hyves profile, I have a Gaydar profile, Googling my name brings you at the things I have done for Mediamatic and Flinders, as well as some comments I have posted at several places. In short - I am all over the web, readily available for anyone interested in me. My email addresses have leaked out to spambots, people who really dislike me can trace me back with relative ease - use my 'private' pictures against me, could wipe my blunt reactions and blogposts in my face. Question is, do I care?


And that is what the zeitgeist of 'my' digital generation is all about. We know that we are exposed, in full view, that maybe the person you show ur body to on your webcam is recording that on his side of the screen, or that for a job interview people might trace back what you write on your blog, or that stalkers put all the bits and pieces together to retrieve your telephone number, address, bank details and other highly personal information - information which we used to hold dear. That is why we are entering the stage which comes after the fear: the indifference. We are not afraid of being exposed anymore, we are celebrating the exhibition of ourselves.

We are becoming the celebrities of our own life, always aware of being watched and followed. And we laugh about it, otherwise we would crumble to pieces, holed up inside our houses with fear of the world. We are throwing off the shackles of privacy, fear, shame and prudence:

Here I am, enjoy!

But it is not this enjoyment alone, it is above all a cry for this: link back to me. Link back to me, so my network grows. Let us connect and contact each other. Leave comments on my blog, send me a Friends invite on MySpace, send my pictures to your friends. Fullfill my and our need to be seen and acknowledged.

Now you know everything.


Laura said...

Moet dat nou? :S

Jago said...

ja voor jou niks nieuws hahaha, dat weet ik ook wel!

Anonymous said...

Nice tiles! Dat kan alleen je tante tje maar schrijven...

Ferry said...

WIe heeft die foto gemaakt?

Jago said...

! LET OP !

Na doorslaand succes begint volgende week een nieuwe ronde van:

Creatief met de Zelfontspanner.

Beperkt aantal plaatsen, wees er snel bij!

Ferry said...

Wie was het?

Zeg nou niet de zelfontspanner, dat is toch helemaal niet zoetsappig!?

Make me a juicy story! ;)

Jago said...

ja was het maar zo'n feest!