Sunday, February 18, 2007


I have been brooding over this for quite some time, but now that I am nearing a conclusion I would like to share it with you all.

I smell opportunity in the air.

There you have it! I said it! I may be a complete arrogant prick, but I smell opportunity and potential for myself. Coming to a new country, with new people, different standards and different views you are confronted with yourself as you really are. You go back to your core, to the essence of what it is that makes you "you". And you discover that some parts of this essence work, but that others don't. At home I wouldn't change these habits, because everybody would think: "What has happened to him? Who is this person? Where is Jago?" but here nobody knows that Jago, here Jago is completely modifiable and can be changed at will. I can experiment with it, with different personae.

And this is showing me something very evident: there is potential everywhere! Some of you already know that after I had a picnic 2 weeks ago, a professor from Adelaide Uni who was present there, offered me a job as tutor (werkgroepdocent) for some media topics. I was flabbergasted! Just like that. I had spoken with her for 5 minutes, that was all, but apparently I hit the right spot. Most of you also know that I've always had the ambition and wish to become an university teacher, so this really felt like a godsend. A once in a lifetime opportunity, up for grasps.
I already started thinking about what I could talk about. One of the topics was about semiotics: "How can I make that difficult differentiation between icon, index and symbol clear?" "Should I use the French terms from de Sausurre: signifie and signifiant or the English translations?" "I could totally use that cool assignment I had to make myself once about analyzing the trailer of a movie!" Basically - I had already started.
But then it hit me: this is what that professor saw - my energy. She could smell it. And they want that everywhere! Not only here in Adelaide, not only this professor. There is a whole world out there who wants that energy. This is just the beginning! Hell, I am beginning to think that one of my other silent dreams might be within reach: studying / working at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where everything BIG in new media theory happens.

.. but I shouldn't run off to chase these future prospects just yet.

I have some papers to finish and damn...

I wish I had a bit more energy that focused on seeing things through and finishing it up instead of dreaming the life that is to be lived as a dream!


Astrid said...

I know the feeling, maar ga ervoor zou ik zeggen!

Kworb said...

Realizing that you have potential is the first step towards realizing your potential! :P