Thursday, January 4, 2007

Soul Searching

Ok readers of mine, it is time to come clean:

Who are you!

As some of you might know, I am a fervent soul searcher and navel gazer at times. I live in a world rich with emotions, feelings and deeper understandings of what we all call 'existence'. In this search I have come across quite a lot of 'personality tests' to assess one's Personality. With varying degrees of interest I have taken these and read their results. The most memorable and useful however has been the Jung-Brigg-Myers based Personality Type. I won't bore you with the inner details of it, besides saying that it is quite striking and that a mere 16 combinations can indeed categorize (on a basic level!) the stretches of human nature.

So everybody:

take the test!

and after you have done it, find more in depth information on your type here

My type is ENFP - the Inspirer, which on the upside is extremely animated and passionate, warm, sociable, knowledgeable, in touch with people, always on the lookout for new experiences and interested in the inner world of feelings, possibilities and emotions. On the downside this type tends to be tense, restless, overflowing with negative thoughts, scared of the future and has an extreme dislike of conflict and criticism. Just so you know ;)

Post your type in the comment box, I'm very interested to see them!


Ritardo said...

whats happing mate?

Caroline said...

As we both already suspected: I am as inspirational to you as you are to me, being the same type...

Astrid said...

I'm an entertainer!! Who would have thought.....Life is a stage hihi!

Laura said...

Heee, I'm an entertainer too! It is soooo me :)