Thursday, January 18, 2007


"[...] The girl continued to stare at him, with a violence that wrenched from every word the obligation to be memorable. The room seemed to have slipped into an irreversible stillness when suddenly, and in utter silence, she struck one hand outside her robe and slid it along the mat in front of . Hervé Joncours saw that pale spot reach the edge of his field of vision, saw it touch Hara Kei's cup of tea and then, absurdly, continue to slide until, without hesitation, it grasped the other cup, which was inexorably the cup he had drunk from, raised it lightly and carried it away. Not for an instant had Hara Kei stopped staring expressionlessly at Hervé Joncour's lips.
The girl lifted her head lightly.
For the first time she took her eyes off Hervé Joncour and rested them on the cup.
Slowly, she rotated it until she had her lips at the exact point where he had drunk.
Half-closing her eyes, she took a sip of tea.
She removed the cup from her lips.
She slid it back to where she had picked it up.
Her hand vanished under her robe.
She rested her head again on Hara Kei's lap.
Eyes open, fixed on those of Hervé Joncour."

Silk - Alessandro Baricco

Must buy / read!

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