Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The Shack

Shit! That was fun!
... but damn! Am I sick or what!

In case you are wondering what the above is about: I have been away the last 3 days - to 'The Shack'! What is this shack you might wonder. It is a little beach house owned by the family of Patti. Every New Years Day, Patti, Tara, Liam and the rest of their friends head off for the shack to enjoy a couple of days of relaxation, beach, sunshine and other enjoyment. The Shack is located in Ardrossan. A little town on the Yorke Peninsula, about 150 km. northwest of Adelaide, although.. to be more exact we stayed in Rogues Point, a suburb of Ardrossan located a few kilometres away from Ardrossan itself. Rogues Point consisted mainly of shacks like ours and beach. Besides that there was nothing: no gas station, no shops, nothing. It was splendid!

We stayed with 9 people in the house and although it was small and people had to sleep on the floor, it never felt cramped. The beach was just a few steps down the road, the view of the ocean was calming, the weather was excellent and the company good. Only downer was that just a few days before we left I caught the flu. I wasn't confined to my bed, but it did drain a lot of my energy and I had to pass for most of the midnight fun on the beach. On the second night however I did make a beautiful walk along the ocean all the way to the next little suburb James Well. I saw crabs skimming across the sand and pelicans floating on the waves while a full moon and bright stars guided my way. I lost track of time and the rest got worried so when I was on my return I could hear them shout my name, so after a quick run back to the others I could reassure them of my safety. Although I felt a little guilty that I made them a bit upset and worried, it was nice to feel the warmth and care from all of them.

And now that those nice days are over, I feel that my body is presenting me the bill for swimming most of the day in the water (the water was so warm - it felt like taking a warm bath instead of a refreshing dip!) bathing in the sun and staying up longer than I should. A good night sleep is what I need and that's what I'm going to do right now!

(I forgot my camera, but I will ask for some pictures from Patti and post them here soon.)

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Anonymous said...

Oh my....I think you officially lost your mind there with the egg song..........I have no words......Maar je rijbewijs!!!!! Heel goed, je leert het nog wel eens; volgende keer kan jij naar Belgie rijden :P
En: prospero nuevo ano natuurlijk!!!!