Monday, January 22, 2007

Machinima @ Adelaide Film Festival

Today I found out that there will be an all-day event on machinima at the Adelaide Film Festival! This can't be a coincidence, I just restarted with my research for my master thesis on machinima, so this is a fantastic event! Friedrich Kirschner will be there, I met him during my time at Mediamatic and he is a very inspiring, humorous and driven guy, and Paul Marino the unofficial guru of machinima will be there as well!

I still have more than a month to prepare some material and good questions, so hopefully I can snatch them both for a while to ask them all I need to know!

This is such good news, goody goody!

Shot from Friedrich's Person2184

I'll be giving 2 lectures on games at Flinders somewhere in March. My first lectures, how cool is that! One on machinima (of course! Because we just had the festival!) and one on gamestudies in general. I'm already excited :D

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Astrid said...

Klinkt superleuk zeg! Allemaal tiffe mensen interviewen hihi! Ik moet het met oudjes doen..... ;)