Thursday, January 11, 2007

Koala encounter

Yesterday night I was at the birthday party of Erin, best friend to my friend Ben (yes his name didn't show up early, but he's a really nice guy and fun to be around) After being hugged to death, pinched in the cheek and constantly addressed with: "JAGO! ohh.. ur really beautiful!" by forementioned Erin, we did have a fun time at the party and later on we went back to Ben's place for the night.

Ben lives up in Belair, amidst the hills, trees AND! Koalas! We made the last turn to Ben's house and than he appeared in the headlights: a real and wild koala! O M G!! Ben screeched to a stop of course and we both got out of the car. He was ssooo cute, not scared at all and he came up to us to have a look at these two weird humans. I didnt touch him cause I know that they can turn pretty vicious, but anyway, here is a photo of him after he run back to his tree and grabbed it tight.

Further social information: I'm working my butt of to get my research rapport up and running and next week I will have an oral exam about it and I'm pretty scared to be honest, but we'll see how we go.

The flu has been bested and to prove that I went to yoga today and felt really good afterwards, so to celebrate I joined Liam, Tara & Friends at the Exeter for Thursday curry night (hot lamb curry tonight - yum!). Tomorrow another day of writing on my report and then the weekend's already here. Oh before I forget... Tomorrow I'm having a coffee date with a particularly hot guy! At the Mars Bar last week I surprised myself and went up to the hottest guy in there and just made a little chat with him and got his phone number. I talked rubbish, stumbled and was probably extremely weird, but still.. he liked to do coffee tomorrow, so that's fine with me!

And now I'm off to bed!

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Kworb said...

That's awesome. Koalas are adorable, it would be a crime to visit Australia without seeing one.

As an ENFP you should have no problem acing that oral exam. :P Just be yourself and be honest!