Thursday, January 4, 2007

Embers of Love

As well as in 2006, I'll still be scouring the web in search of new multimedia enjoyment in 2007.

Mich Gerber is a new gem. Cellist from Switzerland with very soothing, ambient music. Collaborating with a wide array of artists the resulting songs are very enjoyable and easy to the ear.

Mich Gerber feat. Imogen Heap - Embers of Love

Mich Gerber - Zumurud

For who wants to hear more, his songs are very hard to find, but I'm trying my best. (you could however buy his albums legally on iTunes ;)

and pointed out to me by someone very close to me:

Kate Havnevik

The cd "Melankton" has just finished downloading and I've only listened to the first song as of yet, but guys: this is a winner! Its all there: an enchanting voice (faintly reminding me of Dolores O'Riordan -lead singer of the Cranberries), eerie electronica, mellow beats and warm string arrangements.

Unlike Me


Pat said...

pikker! Kate was van mij haha

Jago said...

too late ;)