Monday, January 29, 2007

Easy Enjoyment

It's Monday,

and we pick up the real life from where we left it. For me that means more fiddling around with my papers and waiting for a sign of life from Utrecht. The weekend however has been great! Went from down South up North and down again. Saturday was a dual trip to Hahndorf and the World's Biggest Rocking Horse (TWBRH ;).

I went with Te-Yu and Gianni and we had a blast. Hahndorf had "TOURIST" written all over it and there was nothing really German about it - just a few shops with German trinkets and paraphernalia and some restaurants serving German food on big plates. Needless to say that we greatly enjoyed consuming one of these big plates! After a short stroll through the center of town we asked directions to TWBRH at the Tourist Information. It was in Gumeracha and to get there we had to travel from the southeast to the northeast, so it was back in the car and make the drive of half an hour.

And man! Was is worth it! TWBRH was well.. THWBRH!! It really was! Have a look:

You can understand that I shit myself laughing when we arrived. In the middle of nowhere, suddenly there is this huge red and white Rocking Horse! Of course we made the climb to the top, took some more pictures and it was just uberfunny the whole thing.

Saturday night I planned to go out, but ended up not feeling like it, so did some design stuff for some people and had quite an early night. Which was for the best, because I had forgotten that we were to go out the next morning to have breakfast in celebration of Aki's birthday! She turned 30 on Sunday (She makes me feel so young, I love it) and I had bought her the cutest stuffed wombat EVER! He had his little head cocked to the side a bit and just looked adorable. It was hard to part from it, but I know he will be in good hands with Aki.

After the breakfast party I went with Liam and Tara down south again for a barbie with Ben and Kathryn. I met them on several occasions before and my impression was that they were very friendly, but not that outspoken. Well - in the comfort of their own home this completely changed! I had the best barbie since I have been here. Great food, fun and enjoyment. We played Settlers of Catan (Kolonisten dus ;) and after I already got Aki, Liam, Tara and Patti addicted, so are Ben and Kathryn now. Nobody knows Settlers here, but once they play it, everyone loves it. I think it is because the artwork is so ugly. The Dutch version has a very good design, but this one is quite nasty, a bit off-putting, but the game itself is of course just as much fun.

Than there is one other thing I would like to share with you all:


They booked their flight and they will be here the 1st of April (no joke) and will stay until the 19th. I am ssoooo looking forward to that! It will be awesome to see them again and show them a bit of the things I have been doing and the experiences I have been going through. There is so much I would like to take them to - I will definitely have to devise a tight schedule to cover the best things :)

Ak, Jan, ik hou van jullie, mis jullie en kan niet wachten om jullie te zien!!

Dikke kus voor iedereen!!


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Astrid said...

That's just ridiculous!!! Like....'well, what shall we come up with?' 'Yeah, I know! Lets make the Worlds Biggest Rocking Horse!' I have no words......
But I am a volunteer, officially now! So all you old people, come to me :D