Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ozzie pride

We've seen a fair share of Ozzie music stars over the years: INXS, Savage Garden and of course Kylie Minogue have world fame. In recent years we saw Missy Higgins and The Veronicas. But Ozzie music has a lot of things which haven't really made it across the ocean as of yet. Two of them are particularly to my liking. Both have a very different, but distinctive sound:

The Audreys, a young South Australian folk/country pop band. With instruments like the banjo and violin most of their songs do have a folk sound and are often quite melancholy. The singer Taasha Coates has a very pleasant voice and backed by her boys it's a soothing ride.

Click and search in my dump folder:

* Oh Honey

* You + Steve McQueen

Sneaky Sound System is a big hit in the undergrounds of Australia. An electro/club/hip hop formation of two DJs enriched with a different array of hip hoppers, mcs and singers. Funky beats, funny voices and lyrics every now and then, makes for an interesting whole.

Click or search again:

* I Love it

* Hip Hip Hooray


GJ said...

Thnx for the tips! I downloaded them and i putted them on my PSP so i'll listen to them tomorrow when i'm counting people in the train for 70€ a day, whoo!
btw <3 The Veronica's ..

Kworb said...

Sneaky Sound System was alright. But I really love You & Steve McQueen, amazing song!! Great recommendations as always :)

Jago said...

I know what is good for you ;)