Saturday, December 2, 2006

Ja Hao - meaning: Elegantly Masculine


Wo shi Ja Hao!

Hi, my name is Jago - in Chinese! Is that cool or what. But why do I need to open this post with that? Well.. I learned my Chinese name from Xinni, my Chinese colleague at Macquarie Uni. Amongst others, she was there last Friday when we had a farewell dinner for Maud with her colleagues in Newtown. It was a really nice evening, the people of Macquarie are all very nice and interesting people and the conversation didn't fall silent for one moment. During the evening I also dropped that I need a room for the last couple of days of my stay in Sydney. Just as a fact, not really as a cry for help. But still, a little while after dinner, Xinni called Maud and asked to talk to me. And she offered me to stay with her and her Chinese partner John! HOW SWEET!

I was of course reluctant to accept it and said that I would look elsewhere before resorting to her offer, but now that I'm thinking more of it.. it will probably be super funny to stay with them. I am very interested in Asian culture and now I can be part of it for a couple of days ;) All in the comfort of Sydney! So probably I'll call her tomorrow or Monday to ask if the offer still stands.

After the dinner and the call, Maud and me went into town. Again Oxford St. and we tried a new spot: Slide. That place was really wicked! Super stylish interior, a dancefloor with coloured lights and lots of beautiful people (= gay men ;) We had a fun time there, but we also wanted to do something else. Maud was interested in seeing a strip-show and while walking down the street I saw a bill which said that "Caesar" was going to perform tonight at the Midnight Shift, the show was on at 1:00am, so at 12:30am we left Slide and walked to the Midnight Shift. We were about to walk in, when the 2 security guys stuck their hands out and said:
"No mate, you're not going in"
I was surprised and said:
"Why not? Me and my friend really wanna see the show"
"Because you are way too intoxicated man!"
"EXCUSE ME? What are you talking about?"
and then it hit me.. They assumed that me being cross-eyed meant that I was drunk! WTF!! I was infuriated! I really felt discriminated and handicapped. So after a storm of swearing me and Maud took off furiously. The party mood was of course completely gone, so we just took some coffee and after that we both headed home.

And now it's Saturday and the day has been really slow. I guess it's the weather, it has been raining a lot and the city is covered with gray clouds. Today's highlights were yoga in the morning, a visit to the hairdresser in the afternoon and a nice healthy salad at Maud's. I reckon I'll be going home in a bit and just have a quiet one tonight. Everybody: enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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GJ said...

That is so rude!
Hope you're having a good time though..xGJ