Friday, December 1, 2006

Internet rehab

It is horrible to confess, but yes.. I am an internetjunkie.

Last Sunday I moved into my new room on Flinders St., Darlinghurst, besides being quite hot the room also has no internet-connection, which sucks. It's shocking to experience how much my life revolves around having access to the internet. It's not that I need to be chatting all day long with the whole world, but also for say: checking busschedules, checking my mail, keep up on the news in both The Netherlands and Australia, to surf the web for goodies, music, images, resources, look up nice places to go, see what movies are on, read reviews of books that I would like to read, watch some clips at YouTube and last but not least: just basically keep in touch with everybody I know!

So as a sort of substitute, I have been sending txt-messages like crazy over the last few days, just to keep on top of everything that's happening. I also feel it as a real handicap when it comes to exploring Sydney. MSN has really become my booking agent for arranging meetings and all, but now I just have to rely on my phone, or mere walking around and bumping into people.

But anyway, the location of the room is great, so that really makes up for the lack of internet (well.. almost) it's in the heart of the gay suburb, which not only means that it is packed with gay bars, but also with really cool shops, open minded people, great food, a really nice atmosphere and just a 10 minute walk from the city center. Because of this and of Maud's company, I'm basically only in my room to sleep. So here's a brief of what I have been doing over the days.

Tuesday and Wednesday, Maud and I were free from work, so on Tuesday I went to the ABC pool in the Botanic Gardens. It overlooked the bay and was really stylish with a lot of people who were there to see and be seen. It was filled with salt instead of fresh water, which was really weird. I forgot my goggles, so after 2 lanes my eyes were completely sore. I'll give it another try, when I do bring my goggles... I went to the pool with Maaike (the girl I shared the room with for a couple of days) and 2 other girls, Yvonne and Monique, who live in the same complex as me. With them and Maud and David, we went to have dinner at The Gaff, THE backpackersbar in Oxford St. We scored free food tickets, which was good of course and after the food we moved inside to have some drinks and dance a bit. At 10pm it was PACKED with people, you could barely move and it was freaking hot, so at 12am, I decided it was enough and headed back home.

Wednesday was a day of shopping (again) I am going crazy here, normally I don't buy a lot, but they've got some much good stuff here. I bought 2 second-hand pairs of boots and they are rrreeeaalllyy cool! I know it will be summer soon, but you have to agree that after having bought great jeans I really need good boots to go with them :) And in this shop all the boots were just great and I couldn't decide. Together they were $280 ~165EUR, and that's what you would pay for 1 pair of cool boots in NL! So I thought: what the heck! and got them.
After the spending spree I went with Maud and Claire to "A Good Year" with Russel Crowe (or Rusty as he is called here in Oz) which was entertaining and after that made a stroll around my new neighbourhood by night.

Thursday was a long day of work, followed by a very well spent evening at The Welcome Hotel in Rozelle with Maud and her friends and neighbours as a sort of farewell party. Next week, Rick is coming and Maud will be on her way up the Gold Coast. It's her last day today! It's so weird that she's going already! It will be different when she's gone -no Dutch friend "nearby" anymore to talk, gossip, and who can be called at the same time of the day!

So Maud: I really enjoyed our time together and all the shared experiences over the last 2 months. It has been great and I wish you all the best together with Rick on your travels in the coming weeks and good luck with settling back into your normal life again! I will miss you :)

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