Monday, December 11, 2006

Home is where the heart resides

It's Monday evening and I'm back home in Adelaide. My flight and everything went all pretty smoothly, my bag survived the flight in one piece as well and the welcoming committee of Liam, Tara and Aki was heartwarming. But still I have been a bit off these last couple of days. Everybody around me here is getting into the Christmas mood, but I just feel a little out of place. Christmas in scorching Australian heat - that doesn't make sense! Foul weather, winter clothes, erwtensoep, hot chocolate, SNOW! that's Christmas, not shorts and thongs!

But I'm back here on my blog again and I see that as a healthy step in overcoming my homesick depression. What also helped, was the book my mom has given me: Schijnbewegingen by Floortje Zwigtman. Karsten - you were right! It's a great book and I finished it in 2 days. Set in fin-de-siecle England, the story is about Adrian Mayfield, born in East-London but dreaming of a life of fame and fortune. He finds that artists can indeed be bemused, but not so divinely as one would hope: by lust and sex. Adrian begins using his body to squeeze his way into another life which was not supposed to be his. The description of his inner struggles give Adrian and the other characters enough depth to begin caring for them and you get sucked into the world of great English poets, writers and artists like Oscar Wilde.

Another interesting detail I found was that the different sections of the book all had a poem by a famous English writer as a sort of red thread running through it. It was funny to find The Lady of Shalott by Lord Tennyson in the second section of the book. I know that poem by heart, because Loreena McKennitt has set it to music on one of her earlier cds. It's a beautiful song and to be honest - the original text is much better than the translation in Zwigtman's book. Have a listen to it: Loreena McKennitt - The Lady of Shalott

For now I finish off by saying that everything is back to normal again and you can expect the posts to become more regular again!

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