Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Go with the fl0w!

Yet another funny thing I found!

A little game called:


It's a flash game based on the idea of flow-theory. Flow-theory is the concept that humans can be completely soaked up by what they are currently doing that they loose track of time and devote all their attention to what is going on. The game fl0w is based on that idea and is supposed to be completely intuitive and engaging.

You start as a small little (sea)creature and during the game you devour all sorts of other creatures and you become bigger and stronger to go up against all the evil creatures which lurk on lower levels, just remember: the red lights take you a level down and the blue lights take you a level up.

The game's claim of being completely engaging and intuitive might be up for discussion, its nevertheless quite enjoyable, be it quite hard to play with a touchpad instead of a mouse...

So people, download it and give it a go!

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