Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas - The Days After

Did everybody enjoy their Christmas lunches, dinners, get-togethers and other social events? Have ties with faith (yes confess it: have you been to one or more Christmas masses while you normally steer clear from church?) family and friends been tightened again?

Well far away from home, I have been trying to get into contact with home a lot. People calling, texting my fingers off, long chat sessions and emails brought you all a bit closer to me - what I desperately needed! Yes it has been weird to not be home during Christmas, it has been painful to realize that my family would be sitting all cosy and warm together in our house in Belgium (including my little cousins Zomer, Jonas and Zosja) but the people here have been good for me and I highly appreciate that.

So what was Christmas like for me? The day before Christmas, Aki left for Sydney. Before she left we of course gave our presents to each other. I got Othello, Romeo & Juliet and Macbeth by Shakespeare (in an edition which has both the original and a modern translation, how thoughtful) The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde and an aboriginal instrument, consisting of: two sticks! I think that Tara and Liam judged my music playing capabilities quite right ;) It has nice bright colours though. After the presents we all went to the airport to wave Aki goodbye, she was quite emotional and I think that secretly she was kind of sad to go now that the moment was there.
Christmas Day itself consisted of visits to the parents of both Liam and Tara. Christmas lunch was at the house of one of Tara's aunts. We were filled to the brim with food and drinks and although Liam, Tara and me were the only young ones there, we enjoyed ourselves - Tara especially, but she got help from a bottle of wine. Since Aussie Christmas lunch is what Christmas dinner is to us Dutchies, it took quite a while before we left there. Next up was drinks at one of Liam's uncles down somewhere near Noarlunga. You probably don't know where that is, but let's just say that it took around an hour's drive. The drive and the digesting of food made all 3 of us sleepy, so drinks kind of passed us by.
We picked up the pace again at Sophie's. Lots of people were there and during the evening I was pleasantly surprised to receive calls from both Astrid and Patrick. It was good to hear them both and hear how everything was going back home.

Boxing Day (or Second Christmas Day) we did absolutely nothing, well.. almost. At 9:30 I was roughly woken up by Liam who decided now was the time to assemble the outdoor setting and BBQ they got for Christmas from their parents. After first calling him crazy and annoying, I decided that there was no use in going back to bed and could help him instead (my anger evaporates rather quickly) So we assembled all of it and then I was again tired, so I slept the rest of the afternoon (in peace :) Dinner at Sophie's again and that brought the Christmas days to a close!

Only New Years Eve left to go and then all can come back to normal. Sounds good!

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