Thursday, November 23, 2006



Well.. barely, I should say.. You all know how well organized I am and in yet another display of this, I pictured in my mind that my departure time was 18:50. In my previous post I said that I was wandering through the house, waiting for Liam to come home and take me to the airport. We agreed that he would be home at 17:50 the latest. It was a domestic flight, so no need to be extremely early. At 17:40, with still no sign of Liam, I decided to get out my flight details and just read them again, OF COURSE I knew all that was in it, so it was completely unnecessa..... WHAT!! 18:25!!!


Then a few things happened really fast and they all concerned my bodily functions: a major tantrum, shaking hands, foam in the corners of my mouth, uncontrolled screams, twitches in my eye and a mental neon light flashing in my brain:


Totally panicked I called Liam:
"Stuck in traffic"
"I'll miss my flight."
"O.. well I'll step on it then!"

5 minutes later there were screeching tires; the slam of a car door; a whirl of green linen, gray cotton, a blue polyester backpack, a brown bag and a laptop-case all swirling into the car; followed by again screeching tires and a blue Nissan was on its way to the airport. After a drive which cost me all my fingernails, I ran with my 3 bags into the departure hall, tossed my passport and reservation number at this guy behind a desk and exclaimed: GET ME TO SYDNEY! And you know what? He got me there! I was the final check-in, just 1 minute before closing time. As you can imagine I was filled with adrenaline and stress, so the whole flight went by in quite a blur, but I did get to see the Opera House and Harbour Bridge from the plane! My first glance at my new home for the coming weeks!

After arriving in Sydney (domestic flights are the best.. you can just walk straight on! Like you're taking the train, we should get that in Europe!) Maud was there to pick me up, with of course the happy exchange of kisses and "how are you's?'" We took the train into the city and since we had to take the bus from near Circular Quay, I could see the essence of Sydney up close and personal: The Opera House and Harbour Bridge!! We got out and there they were, the two icons. It was dark and in Photoshop I could only lighten them up a little bit without color distortion, but you'll get the idea, I'll make proper ones tomorrow:

Harbour Bridge

The Opera House

And I'll have that opportunity tomorrow, because tomorrow Maud and I will attend a conference in the Opera House itself, yes we do! But don't get too excited.. It's about International Environmental Governance.. "O" Not my particular field of expertise (or interest) BUT it is in a way the reason why I'm here, because me, Maud and her colleagues will work on putting up a small website which will host audio and video files of all the lectures that will be given at this conference.

But that's tomorrow. Today was interesting and busy as well! The first half of the day was of course filled with introductions to both people and the web site project. The project will probably take more time then we have scheduled at the moment (as usual..) and we will have to rely on a few external sources to provide us with material and that always delays things, but I will definitely take enough time to enjoy myself and see Sydney. Each day has 24 hours, why waste them on sleep, right?
Besides the project I also got to see Christina Slade, the Dean of Humanities who made this internship available to me in the first place. She is the most tight scheduled person I have ever met and also the one who is most interrupted by other people during her scheduled time with, for instance, me! During the day I had two very short talks which were both interrupted by more important matters. At the end of the day however she managed to have 15 real minutes for me and we put them to good use and came to good conclusions, but wow! She is a busy lady.
Tonight I went with Maud and Claire to "Borat" at the cinema on George St (one of the main streets in Sydney CBD/City Business District) It was H I L A R I O U S! All the nonsense he exclaims and the ease with which those Americans believe it, remarkable! Of course it's extremely biased and edited to give it that appearance, but in essence it's probably still valid in a way.

And now my first Sydney day has come to an end, look:

Maud and me are both working on our blogs at the moment and Claire was so sweet to take a picture of us, mediajunkies! I'll finish off with some words about Claire and Maud's place. It's in one word: GORGEOUS! It's a very luxurious apartment, designer kitchen, designer water taps, nice furniture - finally someone with some taste! The apartment is Claire's (well.. Claire's dad) and Maud rents her room (including her own bathroom!) from her. Her flatmate is a nice girl, but she knows she's got money and is a little self-obsessed. If you just ignore that however, nothing is wrong at all! And I guess that pretty much sums it up.

So guys, I'm leaving you to it! I'm off to bed - 6:45... *moan*

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