Monday, November 27, 2006

In the Land of the Blind, the One-Eyed is King

As most of you know, I'm shortsighted, very shortsighted. Most will also know that since a year and a half I am wearing contacts. While I am extremely happy with them and the fact that they've improved my looks considerably, they cause the occasional trouble...

I forgot my glasses in Adelaide and since Murphy's Law always kicks in at those times, I now also have problems with my contacts! During the conference Friday, my left eye was getting sore and red, normally not a real problem, but when I came home it was really hurting and I just had to take my contact out. I thought that leaving my contact in the solution for a night would make it all better, but unfortunately that was not the case.. When I tried to put it in, it hurt even more.. So for 3 days straight now, I'm perceiving the world half sharp / half blurred, quite an experience I can tell you. I asked Tara to put my glasses and new contacts on the mail and hopefully they will arrive shortly, because this is really tiring.

Other than that, everything is great here! Saturday I went to Manly Beach together with Maud. To get there we needed to take the Ferry and it was a beautiful trip!! We took off from Cicular Quay, rounded the Opera House and we could see all of the city, reaaallyy cool!
Me on the Manly Ferry! Is that a splendid view or what!
Manly Beach itself

Manly was really nice, lots of people, nice beach, good weather, it was lovely. Back in the city we had to hurry to be in time for the Tri-Nations rugby final! Maud, Claire and me had a blast at the stadium. It was the Kiwis against the Kangaroos and the Aussies won!! The crowd went wild of course!
Us at the Aussie Stadium.

The atmosphere was really nice and it was just a cool experience to be there. After the match we went back into town and since the Aussie Stadium was quite close to the neighbourhood where my new room is, we decided to have a look around Darlinghurst. We ended up in several different clubs and pubs and had a great time.

Sunday was my last day at Maud's place. We had a really slow Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon we had lunch at a very fine-dining French restaurant Le Grande Bouffe. The three of us all chose the barramundi (a local fish) and it was absolutely fantastic! To make it even more perfect, we also succumbed to order a dessert and my pear tarte-tartin was fabulous. After this very satisfying lunch I went to the outlet-center together with Maud and I bought a t-shirt and another pair of sunnies. It was an outlet Sunglass Hut and they had these slightly damaged sunglasses for 30% off. I found a pair of Raybans and they were really cool, but the scratch on one of the glasses was rather big. The scratch however didn't show at all when I put them on. I went up to the counter and showed the scratch to the girl there and see said that the scratch was really big and that they would make it a 50% discount instead of the 30%. So I couldn't help myself and bought them, for 120 dollars, instead of 260 :D! Happy me, I might even go to an optometrist to get the scratched glass replaced although it's not really necessary.

After the spending spree, it was time for me to go to my new room in Flinders St. Darlinghurst. A girl Maud and me know from our studies back home, Lizet, was leaving her room for a couple of weeks to travel around the country with her mother, and she offered me her room for that time, which was of course super! I do have to share the room for a couple of more days with Maaike, Lizet's roommate. Maaike was of course home when I came and she and some of the other residents were really nice and made me feel right at home. The room itself is quite big, but quite hot and has no internet, but I'll manage.

As an act of getting to know each other a little better me and my new roommates went all to see the Grand Idol Finale at the Opera house. We had a good time, although we could hardly see anything and fools as we were, left before the fireworks! So when we turned the tv on when we came home, we saw it just starting!! Oh well, tough luck..

And now it's Monday and it was a quite dull day in the office, but I won't need to go until Thursday, which is good!

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Astrid said...

Hey Jaag!! Het klinkt en ziet er allemaal weer super uit, Sydney moet geweldig zijn!! Ik moet nog ff doorploeteren, maar volgende week ook lekker weekje vakantie :) Geniet nog even,