Friday, November 24, 2006

Idols galore!

Ok, so in case you hadn't figured it out yourself, international environmental governance, isn't the most lively subject, especially when one isn't familiar with it and have to attend a whole conference about it! After a dreadful wake up at 6:45, we left at 7:45 to go to the Opera House for the last preparations prior to the conference. At 8:30 we were introduced to all the people and did a check up of all the available resources and of course at 9:00 we were done with that and had to just wait another hour.

SO! We went wwwiilldd with the cameras!! :D The photos from Xinni's camera (another colleague at Macquarie Uni) will come later, but here are Maud and me in front of the main building (the Opera House consists of 3 buildings, in case you didn't know that)

Maud and Jaag in front of Main Concert Hall, impressive huh?!
(note to my dad: it is definitely concrete, but I couldn't find out if it was ferrocement, wikipedia didn't provide me an answer ;)
The IUEU ladies. From left to right: Jan, Xinni and Maud.

After the pictures it was time for the conference itself. Nothing special for us there, but during the first coffee break something really funny happened. I went to the toilet and who was standing beside me? DAMIEN FROM AUSTRALIAN IDOL! Ok.. I know that all the Dutch people are now thinking: "What are you talking about..." Well, this Sunday, in front of the Opera House there will be the Grand Australian Idol Final with the two finalists: Damien and Jess! Maud and me want Damien to win, so it was of course very funny to stand next beside him. I did not peek by the way, I have courtesy! After that encounter I went back inside and had an actual coffee during the break. Maud was nowhere to be found so I just waited. After a little while Maud, Jan and Xinni came back and were very excited: "WE SAW DAMIEN AND MADE A PICTURE WITH HIM!" but that of course couldn't top my story ;)

So the rest of the day was filled with anxiously waiting for breaks to go outside, have a look at all the going-ons around the stage that they were setting up, the soundchecks, all the contestants who were there and just be excited, Maud and me are definitely trying to get a spot somewhere to see the concert on Sunday night! We're insiders now ;)

Damien, the Irish guy (including funny Irish accent) and one of the 2 finalists.

No, it's not Laura ;) It's Jess! The other finalist, she's a bit plain.

And this is Dean, he was the last drop-out and as you can judge by the picture: all the girls are crazy for him. I don't particularly like him, enormously self-obsessed and when he smiles you just see wwwaayy too much of his gum! Its disgusting.

The stage, with the other contestants who were voted away in the previous weeks.

Well, I guess I've bored you all enough with this Idol stuff, I know it's boring and a sign of particularly bad taste, but it was really the highlight of our day!

Later in the afternoon Maud and me both did our exercises - Maud running and me yoga. Afterwards some showers and we were ready to head back into town. In the Rocks (a suburb near Circular Quay and central Sydney) we went to a late night market, which was really fun! All these little stalls with handcrafts, trinkets and souvenirs, it was a bit crowded, but there was a really nice atmosphere.

The whole of Sydney has a nice atmosphere I must say - the different harbours are all beautiful, there are lots of people, its just bustling with life and cosmopolitan!

Tomorrow Maud and me will be heading to Manly Beach with the ferry! Should be a beautiful trip and and an equally beautiful beach, so I'm really excited for that. Saturday night we'll go to the rugby, that's ought to be interesting as well!!

Take care everyone!

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