Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Conversations with myself

Hello everybody!

Missed me? Probably not, u might have never known I was here in the first place.
And O M G! In English!

"I thought you were Dutch right? Jago van den Akker, masters student in New Media & Digital Culture at Utrecht University, right?"
"Yes, that's still me."

"And.. didn't you start on writing a Dutch travellog? With pictures and everything of your travels in Australia?"
"EXACTLY! I am the guy you mention."

"So why this place? Why Blogger? Why did u venture here?"
"Well you know, sometimes things are thrown before your feet and u can't just ignore them. Like today: my colleague Katie Cavanagh (or at least I think colleague is what comes most close - academic boxing ball might be a good second option) gave me this book by Rebecca Blood. As morbid as her name may sound, Katie told me that she is THE guru when it comes to blogging and after having read a couple of pages, I think she is right. It became crystal clear to me that this travellog I keep track off, is just one of the aspects of what I could be communicating with the world! There is so much more to me, than just some infrequent posts about the wonders and amazement I find here in Australia. So I decided to move myself back to my old blog, dust it all off and revitalize it with more frequent posts about more topics."

"Sounds rather ambitious.. You think you can pull it off?"
"Well it just takes confidence I guess, of just making yourself important and strutting all that I find interesting through everybody's throat. Don't feel shy and just keep posting and linking and eventually some people will probably appreciate the twists and turns I take."

"So what can people expect to find in your 'revamped' blog?"
"Oh a lot! *laughs* but that's what we all like to say, don't we? I think it will primarily focus on being a travellog and a medialog. I want to share my musical tastes with people, some designlinks every now and then, interesting articles, some academic stuff, my encounters here in Australia, maybe some late night philosophical thoughts. I'm just trying to open up to the world more, does that make sense?"

"Do tell"
"Well, most people know me as an extrovert person, cheerful, funny and sociable, but on the other hand I am very introspective and a navel gazer at times. As dark and solitary those periods may be, I also come across the most marvelous things - sometimes in my own head, sometimes on the outskirts of the web, in music, reading or film. It would be a waste to keep that all to myself! I should just take everybody by the hand and guide them to the good stuff. And the whole web is already full with people who do that on their blogs, so why shouldn't I do the same!"

"True indeed"

"Well Jago, thanks so much for elaborating all of this to us, I think most people will have a clear idea about what you are trying to achieve, good luck with all your further endeavours and we are bound to hear more from you in the future!"
"It was my pleasure and I'll be back indeed!"

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