Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Box

Life is full of surprises. Who expects a box waiting for them when they come home from work? We all hope for one, but how often will it really be there? Well today it was there for me! A TPG postal box, including stamps and labels here and there. After the jumps of joy came the thrill of opening it. I picked the box off of the ground, and it was the oddest thing.. it had a faintly familiar smell around it, a bit ylang ylang, lotus flower and jasmine undoubtedly (or at least that is what the label from my favourite Ritual shower gel says)

And after ripping the tape off and lifting the cover, all these goodies peered at me:

Chocolate letters! (Look! There is one for everyone in the house! A L for Liam, A T for Tara, an A for Aki and a J for me! My mom is the sweetest!) A cd! (Oohh the cd by Sting my mom told me about, I was looking online for that, but couldn't find a torrent!) and yep! My favourite shower gel! (Finally! I was running out of the one I had. Pity the cap came off and it spilled a bit in the box, oh well, not too much is lost and it makes everything smell nice) Toothpaste! (I remember how I was all upset at my take-off for Oz that Laura gave me the shower gel and toothpaste, but that I couldn't take it with me, because of those stupid regulations at London Heathrow's customs) A book! (In Dutch, Schijnbewegingen by Floortje Zwigtman, sounds good, definitely chosen by my mom, similar taste, we almost never pick a wrong one for each other) And letters! (A sweet note by my parents! I miss them... what's the rest? IB Groep.. brr.. Postbank.. brr.. T-Mobile.. brr.. thanks mom... drawer!)

THANKS DAD, MOM AND JOB!!! I love and miss you


Karsten said...

Jago! Ik vertik het om in het Engels terug te schrijven... en vind het ook niet echt chill om te lezen... maar goed :P Schijnbewegingen is een goed boek! Ik wacht al 1,5 jaar op het 2e en laatste deel van de serie, maar mevrouw Zwigtman schrijft niet erg door geloof ik :P Nou heel veel plezier, en doe de groetjes aan Maud!!!


PS: Wist je eigenlijk al dat ik sinds een tijdje weer een bf heb??? :D

Jago said...

Ja ik heb het uiteraard via Roddeltante pur sang, onze lieftallige Laura gehoord, ze was ook zo lief om een foto van hem erbij te doen ;) Aan Lauwie heb je wat! En ziet er goed uit hoor!

Op MSN gaan we gauw keertje bijkleppen (maar je bent zo weinig online jij!)

En NL comments kunnen gewoon hoor, maar wil ook mn Aussie buddies een plezier doen!